International Airport Leon MBA of Libreville
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
AT 537 00:50 CASABLANCA Hall International Departed at 00:20
HF 825 07:30 COTONOU Hall International
J7 112 08:10 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
J7 122 10:00 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet
KP 041 10:15 Lomé Hall International
WB 231 12:10 COTONOU Hall International
KQ 566 13:00 NAIROBI Hall International
ET 923 13:45 ADDIS ABEBA Hall International
J7 116 17:30 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
J7 118 21:30 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
J7 113 09:10 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
KP 041 09:35 KINSHASA
WB 231 11:30 DOUALA
KQ 566 12:10 Yaoundé
ET 923 12:55 ADDIS ABEBA Hall International
J7 123 13:45 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet
J7 119 17:10 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
KP 060 17:35 Lomé Hall International
J7 117 19:10 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
AF 926 19:45 PARIS Hall International

Before your departure, we invite you to consult the websites of the public agencies in charge of formalities concerning tourism, immigration and security.

In order to enter the Gabonese territory in compliance with the regulations in effect, we recommend that non Gabonese travelers should have a valid passport with a Gabonese entrance visa. Moreover, those coming from certain countries must also have their vaccination cards up to date. Please consult the DGDI website (General Direction of Documentation and Immigration) in order to obtain any additional information:

Formalities of the Air and Border Police at the Léon Mba Libreville International Airport

The Air and Border Police are in charge of the implementation of immigration policy, and in particular, the control of travel documents at the borders. The airport also has a police station in charge of public security that is quite near the air terminal.

For more information, please telephone: +241 03 00 69 62


Please consult the Customs website in order to obtain any information concerning restrictions on transported products departing and arriving:

Upon your arrival, you must allow for around 45 minutes for police and customs formalities and to recuperate your luggage.