International Airport Leon MBA of Libreville
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
AT 266 04:20 CASABLANCA Hall International Cancelled
J7 112 07:30 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
QC 303 07:30 DOUALA Registration
HF 821 08:10 LOME Hall International Registration
KP 055 08:45 LAGOS Hall International Registration
J7 356 10:00 POINTE NOIRE Terminal 2 Afrijet
WB 231 11:30 COTONOU Hall International
C2 366 12:20 LOME Hall International
J7 122 12:30 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet
ET925 12:35 YAOUNDE
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
AT 267 03:20 CASABLANCA Hall International Cancelled
KP 054 08:05 LOME Hall International
J7 113 09:10 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
WB 231 10:30 DOUALA
C2 366 11:30 MALABO
J7 119 11:40 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
ET 925 11:45 ADDIS ABEBA Hall International
KQ 562 12:00 NAIROBI Hall International
Q8 703 12:20 POINTE NOIRE
J7 357 13:45 POINTE NOIRE Terminal 2 Afrijet


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Baptized the “City of Seven Hills” or “Ongola”, Yaoundé is the political capital of Cameroon.

Why book a flight to Yaoundé from Leon Mba International Airport in Libreville?

• A lively metropolis with numerous museums such as the Museum of Cameroonian Art in the Benedictine monastery, the Museum of Negro Art or the parish of N’Djong Melen.
• You can continue to discover local arts and crafts at Kennedy Square and the huge tent for the arts and crafts center.
• Finally, to experience the heart of Cameroonian life, visit the Mokolo, Messa and Brick-making neighborhoods and taste the best grilled chicken in the country in their many small restaurants.

Starting from Yaoundé, take advantage of visiting the city of Foumban, important center for traditional African art kept at the Royal Palace and its museum.

For nature lovers, you can climb Mount Cameroon (4094 meters) in the midst of varied landscape between the forests and savannahs, or visit the National Waza Park, among the most impressive in Central Africa where you can see elephants, lions, hippopotamus, antelope, giraffes, baboons and other monkeys; or for those who simply want to lie in the sunshine and relax, you can go to the ocean resort area of Kribi, with its long white sand beaches.

13:35 14:35   31/10/2018 -31/03/2019 ET 925 Ethiopian Airlines
07:00 08:00         31/10/2018 -31/03/2019 KP 037 Asky
08:15 09:15           31/10/2018 -31/03/2019 J7 248 Afrijet
13:10 14:10     31/10/2018 -31/03/2019 KQ 563 Kenya Airways