International Airport Leon MBA of Libreville
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
AT 537 01:25 CASABLANCA Hall International Departed at 00:43
J7 112 07:30 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet Departed at 07:29
HF 825 07:30 COTONOU Hall International Departed at 07:41
J7 236 08:15 DOUALA Terminal 2 Afrijet
J7 248 08:45 Yaoundé Terminal 2 Afrijet
J7 122 10:00 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet
C2 368 10:20 Lomé Hall International Registration
J7 132 12:30 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
ET 923 13:45 ADDIS ABEBA Hall International
J7 362 15:30 BRAZZAVILLE Terminal 2 Afrijet
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
AT 537 00:25 CASABLANCA Hall International Arrived at  23:42
COM 08:00 MOANDA Hall Domestique
J7 113 09:05 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
C2 368 09:40 MALABO
J7 249 11:30 Yaoundé Terminal 2 Afrijet
ET 923 12:55 ADDIS ABEBA Hall International
J7 123 13:30 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet
J7 237 14:15 DOUALA Terminal 2 Afrijet
WB 230 17:10 COTONOU Hall International
J7 133 17:45 PORT-GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet

Advantages and Points of Interest of Libreville

Libreville, capital of Gabon, concentrates half of the population of the country. It is an attractive city with a beautiful beachfront and a welcoming population.  It has a seaport directly connected to the railway with the main mineral deposits, and is now developing its service activities together with Port-Gentil wherein the hydrocarbons industry has developed.

The international airport, located close to the city center, benefits from a rapid and easy access to the business center of Libreville.

The very dynamic economic cooperation of Gabon (with France, Morocco, Turkey, Qatar, Mauritius, China, etc.), as well as political, economic and social stability, has been able to attract the installation of numerous international companies.