International Airport Leon MBA of Libreville
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
J7 112 07:30 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
HF 821 08:15 COTONOU Hall International Registration
J7 248 08:15 YAOUNDE Terminal 2 Afrijet
TL 502 08:40 PORT GENTIL Hall Domestique
KP 061 08:40 LOME Hall International
C2 366 09:50 LOME Hall International
J7 366 10:00 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet
KQ 564 11:30 YAOUNDE
ET 925 12:35 YAOUNDE
J7 122 13:00 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
J7 143 07:10 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
TL 501 08:00 PORT GENTIL Hall Domestique
J7 113 09:10 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
C2 366 09:10 SAO TOME
KQ 564 10:40 NAIROBI Hall International
J7 249 11:00 YAOUNDE Terminal 2 Afrijet
ET 925 11:45 ADDIS ABEBA Hall International
TL 503 12:30 PORT GENTIL Hall Domestique
WB 260 12:45 KINSHASA
WB232 15:25 COTONOU Hall International

Several banking services are available in the air terminal. You can exchange your foreign currency, make bank transfers, buy foreign currency or withdraw money, as well as any other possible banking operation.

Foreign Exchange Office and Banking Services:

Located in the Air Terminal, in the international departures zone near the escalator, it is open from Monday to Friday, from 7:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Telephone +241 01 73 21 89

Automatic Teller Machines (ATM):

Those having international bank credit cards can withdraw money from Automatic Teller Machines at the Airport. These ATMs distribute Cfa Francs and Euros.
BICIG: International Arrival Zone in the Air Terminal, by the Entrance to the Customs Service
UGB: International Departure Zone in the Air Terminal near the escalator
ECOBANK: Domestic Flights Departure Zone in the Air Terminal
BGFI BANK: International Arrival Zone in the Air Terminal to the left of the entrance to the General Direction of ADL