ADL is proud to support the PRODIAG Agricultural Project with the symbolic renting out of our land

On Thursday, January 25th, we had a visit of the Alibandeng agricultural perimeter in the presence of his Excellency Yves Fernand MANFOUMBI, the Minister of Agriculture of the Gabonese Republic, Mrs. Amal Amélia Lakrafi, the Deputy representing the French People Abroad, the Ambassador of France – Mr. Dominique RENAUX, the General Director of IGAD – Mr. Sebastien KOUMBA, who was accompanying the farmers, the Direction of the French Development Association (AFD) – Ms. Laetitia DUFAY, who is financing the project, and the ADL General Director – Mr. Daniel LEFEBVRE, who has made available the land located on the airport concession.

In fact, it is within the context of a symbolic agreement with IGAD, signed in 1993, that ADL transferred 12 hectares of its land, wherein 7.5 hectares today have been dedicated to agricultural development.

It is through this land grant that today in Alibandeng we have one of the biggest agricultural sites in the country with 65 vegetable gardens and eight buildings dedicated to hog production. This agricultural site provides the fresh produce for the Libreville and Port-Gentil markets, with 325 tons of vegetable production and 52 tons of meat per year, without forgetting to mention the numerous jobs created by the animal raising, transportation and commercial activities resulting from this agricultural project.

ADL is proud of our contribution to this project which is important for the country and we will continue to support it as long as we are responsible for the concession.

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