International Airport Leon MBA of Libreville
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
J7 103 10:00 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet Departed at 11:46
C2 366 10:20 LOME Hall International Departed at 11:15
NRG 155 11:00 OYEM Hall Domestique Departed at 11:20
WB 216 11:40 COTONOU Hall International Departed at 11:56
ET 925 12:20 YAOUNDE Departed at 12:37
J7 121 13:00 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet Departed at 13:25
J7 803 14:00 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet Registration
NRG 179 14:00 MVENGUE Hall Domestique Registration
C2 368 15:40 MALABO
J7 511 16:15 DOUALA Terminal 2 Afrijet
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
J7 012 09:05 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet Arrived at  09:17
C2 366 09:30 MALABO Arrived at  10:10
WB 216 10:50 KIGALI Hall International Arrived at  11:07
ET 925 11:30 ADDIS ABEBA Hall International Arrived at  11:32
J7 014 12:20 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet Arrived at  12:24
NRG 156 12:50 OYEM Hall Domestique
C2 368 14:50 LOME Hall International
J7 124 15:30 BRAZZAVILLE Terminal 2 Afrijet
J7 804 16:10 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
KP 040 16:15 LOME Hall International


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Kinshasa, formerly called Leopoldville, is the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Located on the southern bank of the Congo River, it is just across from the capital of the Republic of Congo – Brazzaville.

Why book a flight to Kinshasa from Leon Mba International Airport in Libreville?

• Kinshasa offers a very special environment, a lively and enthralling city whose energy inspires most Africans to dream of a better life.
• You can plunge into this artistic city having an extraordinary cultural patrimony, dance to the “Ndombolo” recognized throughout Africa, enjoy the Congolese dishes with “foufou” or “Moambe”, and do not miss the open-air market, the Fine Arts Academy, the Kinsuka region, the Boboto Center and the symphony of arts.

Kinshasa is the capital of a magnificent country with undeniable natural beauties and an enormous potential for ecotourism. The DRC has a huge diversity of landscape (forests, savannahs, mountains, rivers, streams and mangroves), unique fauna with emblematic species such as the “bonobo” or pygmy chimpanzee, the plains gorilla, the mountain gorilla, the pheasant, the okapi, and all of this within the eight national parks and sixty reserve areas that you must absolutely discover if you have the time!