International Airport Leon MBA of Libreville
Flight Scheduled Destination Terminal Status
J7 103 10:00 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet Departed at 11:46
C2 366 10:20 LOME Hall International Departed at 11:15
NRG 155 11:00 OYEM Hall Domestique Departed at 11:20
WB 216 11:40 COTONOU Hall International Departed at 11:56
ET 925 12:20 YAOUNDE Departed at 12:37
J7 121 13:00 MVENGUE Terminal 2 Afrijet Departed at 13:25
J7 803 14:00 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet Registration
NRG 179 14:00 MVENGUE Hall Domestique Registration
C2 368 15:40 MALABO
J7 511 16:15 DOUALA Terminal 2 Afrijet
Flight Scheduled Origin Terminal Status
J7 012 09:05 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet Arrived at  09:17
C2 366 09:30 MALABO Arrived at  10:10
WB 216 10:50 KIGALI Hall International Arrived at  11:07
ET 925 11:30 ADDIS ABEBA Hall International Arrived at  11:32
J7 014 12:20 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet Arrived at  12:24
NRG 156 12:50 OYEM Hall Domestique
C2 368 14:50 LOME Hall International
J7 124 15:30 BRAZZAVILLE Terminal 2 Afrijet
J7 804 16:10 PORT GENTIL Terminal 2 Afrijet
KP 040 16:15 LOME Hall International

The ADL company, coming under Gabonese law, wherein the State is a shareholder, for its development, works very closely in a partnership with Egis Airport Operations (the EGIS Group) and the Airport of the Province of Marseille within the context of one of the first African Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

ADL has benefitted from the expertise and knowledge of the EGIS Group, one of the world leaders in the engineering and concessions dealing with transportation infrastructure and in airport operations and development.

Since the beginning of the 1988 concession and over a period of 30 years, ADL has and will be investing 40 billion Cfa Francs in the development of the airport.


– Remain an airport of reference in terms of quality services
– Become a recognized airport hub in Central Africa


– Complete renovation of the aeronautic zones (runway, taxiways and parking zones)
– Project to extend and modernize the air terminal in order to increase the capacity up to 1.7 million passengers per year as of the year 2020
– Renewal of the structures on the runway side of the air terminal (passenger bridges)
– Extension of services on the city side of the air terminal (car parks, building, airport services…)


– Development of new international air routes in harmony with the basic principles of the Strategic Plan for an Emerging Gabon by the year 2025
– Development of activities outside the sphere of aeronautics

Operational Management:

– 5-year Quality Service Plan
– Certification of the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA)
– Certification of Airport Security (ICAO)

Advantages and Points of Interest of Libreville:

Libreville, the capital city of Gabon, wherein half the national population is concentrated, has a seaport directly connected to the railway with the main mineral deposits, and is now developing its service activities together with Port-Gentil wherein the hydrocarbons industry has developed.

The international airport, located close to the city center, benefits from a rapid and easy access to the business center of Libreville.

The very dynamic economic cooperation of Gabon (with France, Morocco, Turkey, Qatar, Mauritius, China, etc.), as well as its stable environment, has been able to attract the installation of numerous international companies.